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My College Life?

My College Life?

Not so much college life, but the preparation of college life is what I will be talking about. The stressful junior year turns into the even more stressful senior year. College applications, scholarships, high school grades still needing to count, and let’s not forget about all the anxiety and anticipation that comes into the process of applying into all of this.
Most of the time, for me that is, the scholarships applications are more stressful and cumbersome than the actual college applications themselves.
Personally, I’m so happy to get everything organized, and ready to go. I’ve been so caught up in my delightful course choices and independent readings, that I don’t have time to blog about it. If I didn’t have to work so much in order to survive and actually be semi successfull in my dreams, I would blog day after day with no care. I could blog about any and every topic that I wanted to. The problem for me is that I hate being unorganized. I love even numbers and I love patterns.
For my blog, I have tried every other day. After I started getting more and more busy, it moved to every 4 days, then once a week. I have decided not to push myself into the routine at this moment, but to do it as it comes along.
I am actually quite sad about this decision because I have so many thoughts that I want to share! I just simply don’t have the time.. you would think this would be the life of a college student, but sadly it is the life of me, who is merely a high school student.  Balancing a 36 hour work week with only minimum wage, school, and homework, sadly my wants and interests are pushed aside and left for the few minutes I have in the day, where I am already so out of it, that all I want to do is sleep.
Oddly enough, I like to read in my downtime. Unfortunately, I have to feeling of rush put on me everytime I open a book now, because of the schools requirements. I wish that I could freely read in my spare time, and truly take in what I want and need to take in. I really want to know the path I am most interested in traveling. I will never know until I read all these books that tell exactly what I want to do. Do you like this?.. then you should do this! Essentially anyway…
But hopefully I will soon come to a point where everything will slow down to how it was when I started. It helps me grow, I think, when I can get everything out that I want to analyze, whether its wrong or not, and share it for anyone else to see or comment or even just think I’m crazy. I love it! And I will soon be doing it again more often, as much as I can.
P.S. I really appreciate the few people that take their precious time as well to actually look at my blog. If I didn’t think atleast one person cared, I wouldn’t be so encouraged to speak or even think my own thoughts and grow as a person, adult, and hopeful psychological scholar. It is you few people that make me feel like what I want to do with my life is practical, and that I actually can do it. And for that, I thank you very much.