Your Real Brain

Your Real Brain

You can’t talk about the psychological effects a person gets from their brain without actually knowing how it really works. I feel like its just nonsense to talk about something that you have no knowledge of whatsoever. So if someone is into psychology and people, you have to be into the brain.
Before I started thinking about psychology as a major, I never thought about learning the technical aspects of the brain. But as soon as we got into it, it intrigued me more than I would have imagined. But you kind of have to like it in order to go into that subject.. I’m just glad I do.
When it comes to the actual brain, its cool to see how it works. Just to know that things can repair themselves just to do what the brain is supposed to do, even when the necessary structures aren’t there.
When I start learning about the brain, I get the same feeling as when I look at a sunset; weird I know, but let me explain. I am absolutely amazed by anything naturally beautiful, such as a sunset. It’s awesome to think that this world is just making that without thinking about it. So when I learn that the brain has all these different compartments and processes for thinking and creating things, its like that sunset. Of course it would be odd to say that the brain doesn’t have to think about anything because that’s exactly what our brain does. But, in reality, its natural and it doesn’t get paid to do it.. it doesn’t get in trouble if it doesn’t do it right.. its not run by a machine. It is essentially what is letting us do what we do. We don’t control it, it only let’s us control what it wants us to. But the problem is that we don’t respect it well enough. We have blown it off and decided that we’re not going to make use of its abilities. Instead, we’re going to do everything that we can in order to seem like we are in control of anything and everything.
So when somebody is talking to us, and we don’t hear it right away, we say “what?” And then they repeat it. But if its within a certain amount of seconds, our brain says that its been listening the whole time, so here’s what they said. And then that’s when we answer right after we ask “what?” But your excuse is oh I was listening the whole time. No you weren’t! You weren’t paying attention and you know you. It’s the brain that gives us that leeway to recovery from our mistakes. Even when you don’t want to listen to something, you still hear it. And that’s when our emotions come into play. There’s a difference between arrogance and healthiness.
It’s not our fault that we feel the way we do. We can’t help it. The chemicals that are released, or not released, in certain situations are what make us feel angry or sad or happy or hyper. But ultimately, you really can control it. If you can connect to the way your body is feeling, and figure out why, you can change your feeling to a certain extent. As long as its healthy..
If you’re watching a boxing show, jumping everywhere, and mimicking the moves, you’ll have so much adrenaline running through you that if all of a sudden someone that you don’t like walks over and says something that you don’t like, you could probably punch them in the face and keep going for awhile. But if you have the realization that that is in fact what’s happening, you may be able to sit down, breathe and simply tell the person to go away. You can hide it, and not let it get to you if there is a threatening situation. It’s different, though, if you’re sad and want to hide it. You can’t just repress your emotions so much that eventually you won’t be able to help but explode. That is not a healthy way to calm an emotion. Some emotions are actually healthier to let out as they come. But, really, when you do it is the most important because if you put yourself in a situation where it will just make it worse and you know it, you can get in a different situation. You really can’t just let every emotion out whenever you want. That’s why we don’t scream out in a high school class room when we get an itch. We have learned and trained our brain by now certain rules to fit in our certain society. You actually do need to train your brain in a way that can make you a more healthy person. You need to be aware of how your brain works in order to do that. And you need to be open minded to the fact that you can’t control everything. And you need to be at peace with that.


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