Letting Go

Letting Go

Letting go anything can be hard. I know from personal experience. But how can you do it without overwhelming yourself or completely forgetting? Or do you want to forget? I guess it depends what you’re letting go.
I have let go and tried to let go many things in my life. I’ve lost a brother, who was my best friend. That was the hardest thing for me. I’m not sure if I’ve totally let that go yet, but I don’t know if I really want to. I’ve been to therapy about it, camps for that specific reason, and I’ve wrote many letters that have been attached to balloons and sent up into the air and were supposed to get to my brother. I’ve done that atleast twice and I almost felt at peace with that. But then I always have to look at the reality of things. I know that that balloon won’t really make it to heaven. It will eventually pop and some one else will find my note that’s not for them. So right after I find the peace, I get panicked and it was all meaningless. If I weren’t so realistic all the time, it would have worked. So I try other things like getting pictures of us together and thinking about the good times. That helps when I need a good solid cry. Then I feel much better. For the time atleast. So honestly, with that subject, I don’t think I’ve quite let go, and don’t know if I ever will.
A much smaller thing would be my baby blanky. To try not to sleep with it every night. I used to try not to atleast. I would throw it somewhere else and say I’m such a baby. But eventually, I realized that it’s okay to sleep with a blanky. I don’t sleep with it every night and it’s not essential to my living. But it’s theraputic when I need comforting, and reminding myself that my granny, who made it, is watching over me and helping me through everything.
Going down even farther, is letting go of a bad habit. Everyone has one, and for me, I have many. I crack my knuckles, along with everything else on my body. I shake me legs 24/7. And I used my bite my nails. I’m proud of myself for quitting this bad habit. It’s one of the worst in my opinion. I bit my nails for years and years and years. It really hurt my teeth but it would bother me to not bite them. But I wanted to grow my nails out really badly. So I quit cold turkey. It’s the best way to go. Although I’d slip every once in awhile, I had back up support to remind me not to do it.
Just the simplest things, and the slightest help from others, got me through the bad and the worst. It’s hard to give up or let go of anything. Whether its a bad habit or a lost loved one, it’s nice to have support, and know that someone does care. Find that person or group of people that can get you through anything. And you will be able to accomplish anything that you want to. If you’re willing and passionate enough, you can let go.


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