Abortion: Controversy or Psychology?

Abortion: Controversy or Psychology?

Controversy or psychology?
Actually, I feel like the controversy has psychology in it. The debate about whether or not abortion is right or wrong, has nothing to do with this article. I’m not going to say what side I’m on, but I will only talk about the psychological effects either side can have.
When debating about abortion, its mostly about the morality of it. But nobody ever talks about the psychology of it.
All traumatic times come with a psychological side effect; whether wanted or not. Abortion is no exception. When somebody thinks about aborting a baby, they obviously don’t want to deal with the consequences. Quite harshly, they want to kill their baby.
So even just thinking about it and not going through with it, leaves behind some emotional pain. Could the mother ever get over the idea that she thought about killing her baby? Especially if she raises her baby.. it could change the way she acts and disciplines her child. Especially if that one child wasn’t the only one. The mother most definitely would treat them in a different way, whether good or bad, than the others. Aside from that, the memories scarred into the mother could ultimately change the way she views and handles her life.
But how about on the other, and most obvious side: when the mother aborts her baby. When she actually goes through with it and may not actually know what that means for herself. She has to be there when the baby comes out. It has to come out. I feel like mothers aborting their babies don’t think it through as much as they should when making a huge desicion like that. The baby does come out, and you will see it and all it’s bloody glory.
Seeing any dead thing that was once living leaves a huge scar in the human brain. Maybe not on tv because we are so desensitized so it. But once that image comes to life, and you know it’s real, it burns in your brain forever. Especially if it was your fault. Can you imagine birthing a dead baby? That’ll do some damage.. nightmares for the longest time, seeing the image in other scenes, commitment and relationship problems, and fear of having another baby. The list could go on and on.
Overall, I think, without viewing the morality of it, the psychology of it can show all of the effects that just one decision, or almost decision, can take a toll on your mind and body.


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