Music Therapy

Music Therapy

I bet you can think of many times where music is the only thing that can calm you. I know I can. Sometimes it seems like the only thing that will relax you. But sometimes, even when you don’t think it will, it can be the most nurturing over other ideas or medications. You don’t need a bunch of medication to make you feel better. You might need one that actually has a purposeful use. But when you don’t have to… that’s when it’s best to find anything that can take the place of something that isn’t real.

Don’t get fake happiness or a false sense of reality with pills and other drugs. All you need is music.

Or is that really all you need? Sometimes, music is a great way to help you relax, or focus. It’s great for doing homework, falling asleep, relaxing after a stressful day, and even just plain zoning out of the world. But it depends what can do that for all people. Nobody has the same mind or outlooks of what one thing could mean. While ocean waves and birds chirping could mean peace to one person, it could mean complete annoyance and discomfort to another. So if you truly do think that music would be a helpful side-kick to your life, you need to discover two things:

What you want and how to get it.

You need to decide what you are going to be using this for. To fall asleep to?  To do homework to? To relax to? Or to zone out to? Or anything else that could help you… When you find it out, you have to stick with it to work. Then you need to decide how it applies to you, and how you can get it. What makes you fall asleep? Turn it into music… Google it if you have to! What helps you concentrate or relax? And what just makes you completely lose yourself?

Now make a playlist of all your different moods, and you’re set! I think that if everyone could simply go through these steps, they could eliminate as many bad things as possible. That is, if they want to. But why not? Just think about all of the things you may have heard;  Music in the womb can stimulate health and growth to a fetus… that learning an instrument can keep your mind off bad aspects of your life… and simply that music can always, and will always, change your mood to how you feel about that music.

Of course these are all myths, and can’t really be proven. But if you want my opinion, music changes the world.


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