Don’t Talk to Strangers

Don’t Talk to Strangers

My nephew is not shy with anyone. Stranger is not in his vocabulary.
I was talking with my brother and he told me that my nephew, if he woke up and there was a random person on the couch, he would ask them for milk. It’s cute when he tells it because he just wants milk so bad that he’ll ask the person on the couch. And, while hearing the story, we all know that the person on a couch is a friend. But my nephew didn’t know who it was at the time. This struck as odd to me.
It’s very scary to think about how sociable my nephew is. While, when you’re older it’s a shining aspect, when your a little kid, it’s different. It makes a person vulnerable. He will give anyone and everyone a hug and a kiss. It sure does make a person feel special when they haven’t seen him in so long. It’s amazing that he remembers! But I don’t think he actually does remember. He just wants everyone to feel loved and he wants to know that anyone can love him. Atleast this is what I think.
It truly is scary to think that if he were to ever get lost, he would have no trouble adapting to a stranger or their family. Nobody would ever notice that he wasn’t their kid because he would just act so conformed to it.
So I want to know how he got this way. My brother and his girlfriend are very loving, and my nephew is the only child. But I don’t think being an only child would make him love everybody. I think it would do the exact opposite; only wanting their mom or dad. But that is certainly not the case here. So if we want to look at nature vs. nurture, I don’t believe that we can go with nurture. Something had to of happened in the genetics. My brother and his girlfriend’s kindness could’ve gone overload in him, making a new kind of comfortability and conformness.
Then again, I guess there is a reason that the whole nature vs. nurture debate is so big. Because, thinking back, I remember them being, and still being, in a very small house with many many animals. And when I say many, it doesn’t come close to how many animals they have. So obviously my nephew had to adapt to all the new animals coming into his home. He absolutely loved naming them, and eventually became best friends with all of them. So maybe it is his surroundings that made him this way..
I feel like nothing can be rested on sole environment. Or, in the same note, nothing can be rested on sole genetics. I do think it is very interesting, though, how many strong facts can be presented to both sides of most  nature vs nurture debates.
With this specific one, I don’t think a study has been done. But it is a very personal topic, seeing how it worried me and still does worry me.
If there even was a study to be done, it would be quite rare to find subjects for it. I’m sure there would be quite a debate about it, and my guess is that they would find the “nurture” aspect to be the most prevelent. In any case, arguably, if something is “nurture” instead of “nature”, it is more likely to be reversed. But in my nephews case, this may not be true. He’s already been in and out of his learning stage. I’m afraid that the only change that could occur would be whenever he gets to high school and becomes shy. I don’t see that happening with this little guy! But in the world of psychology, I guess you never know.


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