Go Right!

Go Right!

Did you know that when you and another are approaching each other, you are both supposed to go to your own right? Well, probably not. But its kind of an unspoken norm in our culture. We drive on the right.. ride bikes on the right… and even walk to the right.
Most of us are right handed, yes, so maybe that’s the reason it feels so natural when approaching someone to walk to the right. But we always get those people that bump into us because they want to go to the left. Or sometimes, even, they will go across the whole walkway just to cross you on the left. Maybe they’re left handed..
I’ve never really thought about the writing hand of the person I’m approaching, when I’m approaching them. It’s not what’s on my mind at the time. But thinking back, that would be such a good explanation as to why they go left instead of right.
You would think they’d learn though, being in the American culture, where everything is based around the right and not the left.
While I am amazed at left handers, they are the same as the right handers. I don’t know why they amaze me so much. It’s just so rare to see. Almost as rare as the occasional painful collision between two walkers. Yes, I have had this happen more than once, I don’t know about you..
And it bothers me when it happens. It makes me feel uncomfortable when somebody tries to pass me on the left. It’s so far out of my comfort zone, that it may bother me the whole day if one person ALMOST ran into me, but I had to dodge them. And with a crowded school like mine, that’s hard to do.
But I wonder if they feel that same awkwardness when they are forced to go right..
It could be their culture, in fact that goes left. Or maybe to stop and let the other one pass first. Have you ever had that happen? When you’re walking towards each other, and neither one of you goes a certain way, and you both just stop right in each others faces..
Yes, again, this has all happened to me. Quite more than once actually!
So let’s just conclude that its in their culture, or not in their common sense at the time, when somebody goes the “wrong way.”


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