Perception of Age

Perception of Age

It sweetens my heart to see an elderly couple walking in a park, or anywhere for that matter, holding hands. I’m not sure why though. And I know I am not alone. It could be my age and my views that make me see something special in that.
It could be that I know they’ve been together forever, been through it all, and still love each other and want to die together. And that very well may not be the case. I may be completely off.
Most people view the elderly as sweet and innocent. When in reality, they’ve been through just as much as we have… even more. They always say things like “oh it was always so much better back in my day”…
And I promise you all that that is not true. Nevertheless, they could have lost something worth living for not too long ago.. therefore making it actually seem better back then. But most of the time, they just say it to put down our generation.. to make us jealous in a sense.
Now, I loved my grandma so much, may she rest in peace, she was like my best friend. She lived in the moment with me, played imaginary everything. But she still did have things in her past that she missed… like my grandpa for instance. But I don’t remember her once saying a thing like that. And I look up to it deeply. She may have thought that it was, in fact, better in her young days, but she didn’t brag about it in front of me..
So maybe that’s why I see the elderly to be so sweet and innocent. But I know a lot of others do too.
I think that we all had that grandparent that made us feel special and loved. That’s the only side we ever saw of them really.. the super hero, cookie making, nurturing best friend.
I also think we all strive for what they have.. have the same destiny as them. We all want so badly to find our one true love and live with them forever, and die together like The Notebook. Even though we realize it won’t end like that..
They slowly walk hand in hand, gazing at the beauty of nature and each other. They can’t help but smile everytime they look at each other, knowing that there’s nothing in between them..
I think we find some sort of fairy tale peace or hope when we see it.


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