Smoking Isn’t Beautiful

Smoking Isn’t Beautiful

Hate to say it, but I dont. With all of the smoking in the world, and more than enough knowlegde of it’s effects, it’s just ridiculous how it’s growing. Of course, it was much more prominent in the 50’s and 60’s, but it slowed after we actually gained the knowledge of the true effects. Nevertheless, the smoking industry is still huge.
Since there are no more billboard advertisements, or commercials, I have to wonder why people still find smoking to be a “cool” thing. I personally know many high schoolers that are already addicted to smoking, and it makes me sick. They just hang around in their little possies at sonic, leaning against the tables, nodding at each other, while they all sit in each other’s future lung cancer. We are so knowledged these days about the effects of drugs and alcohol, yet it doesn’t seem to decrease. I’m thinking that, because we are so used to being told these things, it just doesn’t register when the moment comes. The peer pressure… the desire to be “popular” when yet we all sit here saying that we’re individuals. Nobody is truly an individual in that sense. We all want to follow the trends in some way, catch up on the celebrity and local gossip, to stand out… if everyone’s goal is to stand out, then nobody really does. We are all just blending into each other.
Popularity doesn’t actually follow anyone throughout their life. We need to be able to be ourselves, and not get so caught up in the popularity that we lose focus of what really matters in life. It’s obviously easier said than done. Since we learn so much “awareness” so often, I think that we shouldn’t get taught all of these things so young. I love the D.A.R.E. thing in fifth grade, that’s the perfect age to inform but not get ignored. It shouldn’t be so much of a routine though; that’s the reason thats we’re blocking it out, and unconsciously marking it as unimportant in our brain. But by the time high school comes, dare is much less effective because hardly anyone can change the mind of a teenager. Dare, in high school, needs to be changed into some kind of value or future value class. As in, the real life effects of these things to our future. You can’t get your dream job or dream life when you have to worry about being judged and judging other people based on their societal status all the time. You can’t get everything you desire when you’re killing yourself..
So if you’re one of those people that are still in denial, I feel bad for you. It hurts me to know about all of the people dying everyday with some type of smoking related death. If you truly don’t care that there are many concerned strangers out there, concerned for you, then go ahead, brag to all of your friends that you went up to two packs a day instead of one. And go ahead and defend yourself by saying you’ll still be beautiful and those statistics don’t actually apply to you. But you’re only lying to yourself. You’re only trapped so deep into yourself, that there’s no way out; no way out of the reflection in the mirror. No way out of the doctor in the white coat telling you your real future, right there.. you block it out. You block it out of your mind, so that you don’t have to think about it; you don’t have to think about what comes next, and when nothing can ever come next again.


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