I Pick My Nose When No one’s Watching

I Pick My Nose When No one’s Watching


Oh come on, we all do it!
But I think there’s a point in our life where we realize its actually wrong. Or is there an actually point in time where we realize it? Maybe, maybe not..
But let’s start at the beginning. Picking the nose in public.. eating the boogers anywhere.. and sticking them anywhere..
I have a 6 year old brother and I’ve learned very quickly that kids respond more to reverse psychology. Even when its unintentional; Even when you aren’t wanting the opposite!
Kid picks their nose..“gross! Don’t pick your nose!” The kid giggles at your reaction, and keeps doing it. Then of course when they go to eat it, you try to stop them, horrified! But they find your horrific reaction even more amusing, and return to the digging spot to find more.
Now, I’m wondering why and when they learn the real meaning of all our reactions. Why they think its funny at 4 years old.. and then at 14, they know not to do it. There may have been an actual point where a friend, instead of a parent, told them how truly gross it is. Or maybe they just, over time, noticed that nobody else did it; the adults, that is. Their home surroundings and disciplines are what make them know what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s the maturing factor that helps a person know essentially when to “grow up.” But we know that there are plenty of immature people in this world. Maybe they just didn’t get the same basic nurturing as everyone else..
So back to the real problem. Kids first pick their nose because there’s an uncomfortable feeling up there. They eat it because they don’t know what to do with it. But as soon as they get a reaction, it booms!
The real way to do this is to show a tissue, show how to use it, and show what to do with everything. They need to know that they can get more tissues if they need it, but those tissues need to go in the trash. They need to know that, even if they do pick a little booger with their finger, to not wipe it on anything but a tissue!
Maybe, if we teach them before they teach themselves, they won’t turn our discipline into amusement, and we can eliminate all of the problems that follow.


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