My Reality; Deepest Fears

My Reality; Deepest Fears


I’m driving home alone at night. The darkness is obvious around me, and I’m calm. My headlights flash onto this animal that seems to stare into my soul, that ugly thing. Okay, so I almost hit the thing, but atleast I didn’t..
But then my eyes get drawn to these other creatures that are all around me.
All. Around me.
They are forming from everything. Trees have legs.. the roads have deep craters that will pull me in. These shadowy figures suddenly lunging towards me make me jump. Makes my heart race.. my eyes water..
But then they stop lunging and start slowly coming towards me, but it seems as I am being pulled towards them. And I can’t stop. I can’t even see because of the tears falling so hard now. I’m being taken, and I can’t do anything. My blurry eyes only see them as more of a threat, which makes me cry and heave more.
I have to get out of here; I have to get away.
I can’t see the road so I try to estimate..
My legs, hands, and entire head are shaking, twitching..
I try to only look at the road so that those shadowy figures won’t catch my eye.
I really can’t see.
I’m just going to turn. I need to pull over or something, I can’t have a wreck..
As I pull over, feeling safe, I look around.
Suddenly, they’re all around me again. They just pop up knowing that, when they do, my breath will go out, my heart will stop, my body will get chilled and goosebumped; that everything in my body will shut down, and restart all up again at the speed of light.
They know how to make me tick. They know my vulnerability. They know my every weakness.

But at the very end, I realized something.. throughout this whole thing, I had forgotten about my secret weapon against these monsters; my ultimate super power.
I have learned that if I stare at them long enough, they will go away and become just trees again.. or signs, or sidewalks, or poles.
We need to have our super power, and remember that it’s there..
My power was laser vision.. I realized that, this whole time, if I would have just remembered I had this laser vision to fight these demons off with, I would have been perfectly fine after all.
I think that, if it were just the shadowy figures, I would have remembered I had laser vision.. but the strange animal that stared at me almost made everything else more lifelike; more so there. It made me forget about all my techniques: the breathing, the counting, finding a happy place, and having a super power. I just couldn’t understand why it was so intense this time..why it was so completely terrifying instead of just really scary. Because of the real life animal, on the real life road, with a real life face.
I guess it’s just all in how we view it.


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