Early Developing:

Early Developing:

So I was babysitting the other day, and when the parents got home, we got to talking and I found something interesting. Their little girl, about 9 years old, knows exactly what she wants to be. She wants to be a weather woman.
At first, it’s just interesting because its not the normal 3rd or 4th grader response.. It’s usually a teacher, or fire fighter. But then I realized how different this actually was. She is so interested by weather; she even records weather shows to watch them later.
I know that I was still in the “I’m gunna be a teacher” stage at that age.
So what’s really happening here? Or what did happen?
She may very well just be picking a random job, researching, and just being super persistent about it. With that, she could change her route very quickly, but seem just as passionate.. when she only wants to go so far in depth in her research, it comes off to everyone else as early developing.
Even that is really interesting.
But maybe it comes from what happened when she was younger, or just what she’s been hearing all through growing up. Maybe everything around her has told her to not know yet, to want to be a teacher like everyone else. But inside.. she truly knows what she wants.
Feelings vs. Surrounding?

Mind vs. Body?
She could feel older than she is.. or maybe just makes decisions faster. Because, as I have observed, her actual common sense seems at or a bit below average.
So maybe a certain part of her mind is triggered to working faster than the rest. And because of that, the rest of her mind lacks.
It’s interesting; all of the possibilities..
Another possibility is that it’s nothing at all.. or that it’s all pure coincidence. But something is telling me it’s not..


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