Flapping Your Gums?

Flapping Your Gums?

The gum issue has risen in school again! “Hey can I have some gum?”…”no that was my last piece, sorry.”

So.. we all know that this is, most of the time, a lie. Why do we have to lie about such little things? And why does it not phase us? Possession?
Well I mean, come on, if you don’t want to give out your gum, just say so. People, I believe, would much appreciate honesty over possession of your precious gum.. May be harsh, but I really want to know why we feel the need to possess over such small things.
I think that we view our surroundings as what we should be like. As in; If we see somebody else do it, we think its okay, or right.
But where does the first person get it from?
Maybe one day, someone obviously lied about not having gum. After that, someone else saw, hatched the idea, and thought “I could lie so much better than that. And maybe that is where we get our psychopaths, sociopaths, etc. Far fetched, I know, but it could very well be the beginning of unconscious liars. Liars of the big things that really make an effect.. once they can get away with the small things like lying about a piece of gum..


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